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Model RPE
Electric Wire Rope Winch

RPE winches are designed explicitly for performance, efficiency, and security, and offer many advantages and options. The unit's extremely compact, practical cube design and universal rope lead-offs allow individual applications in almost any position and make these winches powerful aids for lifting and pulling loads.


Capacities: up to 2250 lbs

Rope Speeds: up to 47.6 feet/minute

Compact dimensions due to internal brake motor.

Adjustable slip clutch to protect the winch from overloading standard for Model RPE 10-6.

Spur gear transmission with helical first gear ensures smooth motion. Lubricated by grease and can, therefore, be used in any position.

Plain rope drum standard. Grooved drum available.

Spring pressure disc brake incorporated in the motor holds the load secure even in the event of a power failure.

The rope is secured to the drum in a recess so that the rope can be wound onto the drum in several layers without damage.

The standard version comes with Low Voltage Control. Direct Control optional.

Integrated emergency stop.

The winches are designed to DIN 15020, classification 1 Bm, safety regulation BGV D8 (winch, lift and pull equipment) and the EC machinery directives.


Different drum designs, e.g. extended to accommodate longer rope, machined grooves for exact reeling, with separation web and second rope outlet for working with two ropes.

Geared limit switches to limit rope motion in both directions.

Single-phase A.C. motor 230 V, 50 Hz, for mobile application of the winch. Control by means of pendant control including control switch with emergency stop and 2 m long Control cable.

Contactor Control with 42V Control voltage.

Slack rope switch to automatically stop the winch when rope tension eases e.g. when the load touches down (only in combination with Low Voltage Control).

Frequency converter for stepless speed control.

Adjustable slip clutch to protect the winch from overloading for models RPE 2-13, RPE 5-6 and RPE 5-12.

Special Design according to BGV C1 for theater stage applications available.