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CM offers a diverse range of electric and hand wire rope winches for lifting, lowering, pulling and positioning loads to meet your specific needs. Wall-mounted hand wire rope winches are ideal for the raising and lowering of banners, nets, and scenery. Additionally, console-mounted wire rope winches provide maximum flexibility when used in theatres and studios. Electric wire rope winches provide superior performance when lifting speeds are vital. Whatever the lifting requirement, there is a Meteor winch for the job.

SW-E Standard Electric Wire Rope Winch has capacities up to 8.25 tons.
RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch featues a compact design and adjustable slip clutch.
SW-K-LB Manual Wire Rope Winch is a reliable and econmonical solution.
SW-K-LB-VA Manual Wire Rope Winch is a stainless steel design suitable for outdoors.
SW-W Wall-Mounted Wire Rope Winch has a removable crank and aluminum housing.
SW-WSGO Wall-Mounted Winch with Worm Gear features a friction disc brake.
DSR Sheaves feature a wear-resistant rope guide, and available in various sizes