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Lodestar D8+
Electric Chain Motor

The Lodestar D8+ electric chain motor meets all Standard SR2.0 requirements. It's clutch, outside the load path, acts as a precise overload device; and design factor is 10:1 with a double brake installed. The Lodestar D8+ is in accordance with the VPLT Code of Practice.


Capacities: 125 to 1500 kg

Standard Lift: 60 feet (other Lifts available)

Speeds: 5 to 64 feet/min.

Voltages: 3-phase

Electro-Mechanical Double Brakes

5 Pocket Lift Wheel
for quiet & smooth operation.

68 dB Operational Noise
a result of the Double Brake System.

Precision Machined Gears
heat treated for strength and durability.

Internal Chain Guide:
PVC black coated for quieter operation.

Low Voltage Control: 110 Volt for long cable runs without voltage drop. 24 & 48 Volt optional.

Duty Cycle: H-4 duty rated for heavy duty application.
2M+ FEM class. 50% Duty Cycle or 300 on/off per hour.

10:1 Mechanical Design Factor


Overload Protection: rated operational range between 125 and 150/160%. Clutch is outside the load path when disconnected from power.

Durable & Lightweight Cast Aluminum Housing. Black powder coated finish for low visibility.

Metric Rated

Load Chain designed and manufactured by Columbus McKinnon.
Zinc plated to protect against corrosion. Black phosphate finish optional.

The Industry's Best Lifetime Warranty

Meets or Exceeds World Standards
meets German Code of Practice VPLT SR2.0


Easy-to-mount cloth type Chain Bags.

Chain Stop mounted on load chain to prevent overtravel.
Standard on Direct Control.