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Alumni Spotlight
Ted Dollar
Freeman Audio Visual

"I have looked forward to learning more about the functionality and repair of chain motors for quite some time. As a tool that we use day in and day out on show site, a deeper understanding of just how it does its job was long overdue. Herb Hart was the perfect instructor for this purpose, with his many years in the industry lending not only credibility and an easy experience with the hoists but behind the scenes stories and histories that made the class material all the more educational.

Herb was practiced and patient in his explanations, which ranged from basic electricity and how it functions to how the different components integrate into one whole functioning hoist. It can be easy in classes such as this to get lost in component level instruction; not the case here. Herb kept the overall function of each component in our minds at all times which I found especially important because the components of these hoists all rely on each other.  Herb provided the class with several generations of hoists and gave ample time for the dis/re-assembly under his watchful eye.

I would happily recommend this course to anyone who deals with hoists in any fashion, be it for entertainment or industrial purposes. The information and skills learned even in the 1 day class are an immeasurable help in properly and safely implementing this equipment into the workplace."


Adam Braunstein
Trustee, Director of Training
Local One, I.A.T.S.E.

“My name Adam Braunstein, and I am the Director of Training for IATSE- Local One, the stagehands union in New York City. We service Broadway as well as the Television industry, along with live musical events in the greatest city in the world. Most of the rigging gear we see is flown with CM chain hoists. So when it came time to train our riggers to do on site repairs we called CM for that help.

Dave Carmack came to instruct our folks and made learning the ins and outs of the equipment fun and more importantly, engaging.

After the CM program was completed we took an exam for certification and had a 99% success rate. This is a tribute to Dave Carmack’s technical knowledge of the equipment and his ability to convey the information to the attendees. If we are lucky, later this year Dave will come back and train another group of our people.”


Rob Carpenter
New Zealand

“New Zealand, being so far away  from the rest of the world, values the relationships it has with its trading partners. Entertainment production, truss & rigging, are essential parts of our economy. With the country’s isolation, it depends on well skilled and qualified staff.

We are privileged to have access to CM’s expertise with Dave Carmack’s visit to New Zealand. He skilled up our technicians in all facets of the Lodestar hoist and rigging practices. Dave’s last visit was well received throughout the country with his easy, relaxed and informative personality.  All recipients walked away with valuable accreditation and up skilled knowledge. We are looking forward to his next trip down under!”


Michael Mackey

“David was a great instructor, who definitely made you use critical thinking skills and gave you the tools you need to be successful. His easy going manner and stories from the industry help keep the course fun. But make no mistake, this course is no "sleeper.”  I felt very prepared once I left the class, and it definitely gave me a deeper understanding of the product, it's history, and why things are the way they are.”


Pete A. Rogers
Silver State Wire Rope and Rigging

“Over the years Dave has provided numerous training classes to our employees and customers in our facility. We will continue to sponsor this training as it has great practical value in the field. Obviously one must come to these classes with some familiarity of the hoist. But, those who attend these classes acquire an excellent functional knowledge of the hoist. The manner of the class leads to a much greater diagnostic capability than most arrive at the class with, since respective attendees have the ability to bring up issues confronted in their own experience. Dave deals with these questions in an intelligent, informed and conversational manner. I highly recommend his program.”


Robert Denz
Reed Rigging

“I feel the Pro-Tech Class was totally worth taking. Everyone was made to feel very welcome. The class was informative and helpful. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and even with my 20 years of knowledge on the CM hoist, I learned a lot. Thank you very much, Dave! You are excellent at what you do. CM is very lucky to have someone like you. I still feel that CM Hoist and the services they provide is one of the best out there.”


Katrina Puleo
Cirque Du Soleil / Michael Jackson ONE Show

"As a Rigger in both Theatre and Arena Applications, I was very interested in making myself a more "well-rounded" Technician. I saw attending CM's Pro-Tech Motor Class as the perfect opportunity to learn more in depth about possibly our biggest asset in the Rigging Industry, Chain Motors. The training class gave me the best opportunity to garner a better understanding of Electrical Theory as it applies to the different types of Lodestars/Prostars we encounter and ultimately gave me an edge to acquire a better job with a very well-respected company where I live. My certification and enhanced skills not only helped me get a better job in my field, but also gave me more confidence in my own abilities and a higher level of respect for the machinery we beat up on a daily basis.

Dave Carmack was an incredible instructor, taking the time to answer and explain even the most off-the-wall hypothetical scenarios to my class. He challenged me to think about how changing a single component could affect the outcome of my motor's capabilities.

I also attended the CM Mega School the same year and was inundated with a vast array of engineering, fall protection scenarios, math & statistics that have really helped to make my job tasks safer, more efficient and that much more precise."


Ethan Gilson
Advanced Lighting & Production Services, Inc.

"Dave Carmack is a wonderful instructor who keeps the class moving with his upbeat attitude and humorous personality. Whether you are just starting out in the entertainment industry or are a seasoned rigger with years under your belt, you will learn something new from this class."


Jon Sogoian
Fantasee Lighting

“The CM Lodestar School is an excellent introduction to mechanical engineering, three phase electrical theory, and electromagnetic forces. Anyone attending will have a deeper understanding of how to diagnose any issues they have on-site and if there is a possible solution. The knowledge I gained at the Motor School has helped me keep our inventory and some of our client's inventory in top notch shape. It has certainly come in handy on several occasions as my entire crew now looks to me as "Mr. Fix-it!”


Barton Wells
Cory's Audio Visual Services

" ...You will leave the course [CM-ET Mega School] with a great deal more than you ever expected. Do not miss the opportunity to become a better, safer and more educated member of the entertainment industry. Attend a CM Mega School this year."

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